We are looking for volunteers!

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Hi, everyone:
We’re looking for some people to help shape the 2020 season of RGR.  There’s some significant changes ahead and we need a little bit of help from you guys.  Same positions as last year plus one other.  Here they are with a brief overview of the time and benefits to your role:
Solo Director (last year we had two people):  Front work setting up events (a couple hours each time) and then following through with setup on-site.  This counts as your worker assignment at each event.  Best to be available for nearly all events of the year.
Registrar:  Minimal setup before an event (30 min or less).  Checks people in at the event.  This counts as your work assignment.  Best to be available for nearly all events of the year.
Novice Director:  Coordinate other novice instructors to be sure new members and attendees learn autocross.  NOVICE INSTRUCTORS ARE PIVOTAL TO WHETHER NEW PEOPLE COME BACK TO US!!  Novice Instructor will be your assignment at each event and you’ll coordinate with the other novice instructors.  Best to be available for nearly all events of the year.
Membership Chair:  You’ll be the “e-face” of RGR!  This is for someone willing to do a little bit of work after each event.  You’ll send out a standardized email to new attendees and answer emails they may send back to you.  You’ll also provide a link for them to join the email list.
Season Points Calculator:  Not much more than that…  You’ll keep track of season points as results get posted.  We already have a template in both Excel and Google Sheets, so this one is pretty simple.
If you’re interested in any of these, please let us know (re@rgrscca.com) and the board will work through the list of volunteers an select the best person for each job.
Thanks and we look forward to working with all of you in 2020!