Below is a list of the most asked questions about participating in autocross with RGRSCCA. If you have any additional questions you can always reach out on Facebook or email us!

Q: How do I register for upcoming events?

A: Visit our page at to see upcoming events and to register. Registering for the event online makes check-in at the event a breeze!

Q: What do I need to bring to the event?
A: A car and your drivers license. That’s it! We do require helmets but we have loaner helmets available onsite for you to use. Simply register for the event either online at or onsite the morning of the event and you are good to go.

Q: I have X,Y,Z mods on a MAKE/MODEL, what class do I register for?
A: This is covered on our rules and classing page. If you have further question or need some rules further clarified post your vehicles make/model and mods list or email them to

Q: at what time should I be where?
A: G-lot events are at 1801 Tucker Ave NE in Albuquerque, NM. Farmington events are at McGee Park at 5568 County Road 41 in Farmington, NM. Onsite registration opens at 7:45 AM and closes at 8:30. Even if you registered online you still need to check in to let us know you are there. From there you will need to get your car tech inspected and attend the drivers meeting. there will be an announcement when tech is opening and when the drivers meeting will be taking place. You will then be told what run group you are in and what position you will be working. if you have any other questions at the event, just ask the people around you.

Q: what is checked at a tech inspection?
A: The tech inspection is very simple and odds are if you daily drive your car it will pass. the following are checked:
– Throttle does not stick
– Brake pedal is firm
– Seat belt locks
– Wheels are securely attached
– no visible cords showing on tires
– no loose items inside the car
– No leaking fluids (not saying it can’t have a slow oil drip or have the AC condenser emitting water). *We do not want a stream of coolant or oil on the surface as this creates unsafe conditions.
– Battery must be secure and not loose.
– Number and class is on the side of vehicle (you can use painters tape if you don’t have magnets)
– Helmet is SCCA approved (if you are using a loaner you don’t need to worry about this)

Q:What makes and models can race?
A: almost any! The only exception is if a vehicle may be unsafe to race such as SUV’s and Pickup Trucks that are taller and have the potential to roll over. To see if your car has been approved at the national level check the SCCA National Solo Rule Book, Appendix A, “Automobile Classes”. If you find it there then you are good to go! If not, don’t give up! We can approve vehicles on a case-by-case basis. Either e-mail the solo director,, or make a post with your vehicle.

Q: What do events cost?
A: G-lot events are $45, Farmington events are $70 and that covers both Saturday and Sunday or $45 for a single day. All events are discounted $10 if you are an SCCA member (covers Saturday and Sunday).

Q: Is there a class for novices?
A: Yes! check the Rules and Classing page to learn more about it. It has some rules that are unique to the novice class to help new people get involved.

Q: I have questions not covered here, who can I ask?
A: Please feel free to email our Novice Directors at

Q: What are the advantages of being a member?
A: Annual members do not need to buy weekend memberships, which saves you $10 every weekend you race. You can also see the members benefits at the SCCA website. You must be a member to qualify for end of year trophies (except for Novice class).

Q: Where are the results posted?
A: Official results are typically posted less than a week after an event on our Events Results Page. While an event is happening you can see the live results on the Live Timing Page. However, the live timing page is not the official results as there are sometimes mistakes in it that we fix after the event is over (such as a misclassed car).

Q: Results times are multiplied by “PAX” and there is a results file for PAX. What is that?
A: PAX or Professional Autocross Index is a system devised and maintained by the SCCA national office with the goal of equalizing participants running in different cars from different classes. The fastest class (A Modified) would have a PAX score of 1.00, where as a slower class (such as H Street) may have a PAX of .780. These score are determined by looking at the results and raw times of SCCA National events and adjusted by a small amount every year to try to keep it fair. To determine your PAX corrected time it takes your raw time and multiplies it by a number that is determined by the class you are in. If you are only comparing your car against other cars in the same class, PAX doesn’t matter. But if you want to compare against other classes, that’s where it comes in. For example a corvette in SS sets a time of 50 seconds. its PAX corrected at .840 to 42.0 seconds. A Focus in HS sets a time of 53.25, has a PAX score of .780, and that gives a corrected time of 41.53. The Focus is determined to be faster when you “remove” the vehicle as a variable despite setting a raw time 3 seconds slower. The latest PAX index can be found here: